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jay_petto [userpic]


December 21st, 2010 (08:09 pm)

current mood: weird
current song: E.T.I., Blue Oyster Cult

I've been working on the outline for a comic and have gotten stalled about halfway through. The second half needs something to give it more purpose, more structure and I can't figure out what that might be. In addition, I've had some difficulty with one character's background and the result so far can be summed up as "random notes, with possibilities" and serious inquiry as to whether I'm over-thinking things.

Anyway, I'm pacing around the living room this afternoon, kicking around various ideas that might work and something clicks. Unfortunately, it was for a completely new story involving some of same characters.

Granted, it could probably be done so it didn't interfere with the events of the story I'm actually working on; it'd actually be easier to do than the other one and require fewer characters and sets. I just hadn't planned on doing a series (and, knowing the way I work, if I finish this it's probably a death sentence for the other idea).

So now I'm trying to figure out whether to take the easy route (a short piece that's already got a outline of the important stuff *and* would be simpler to do), keep on wrestling with the outline for something I've been stuck on for a few days, decide my muse has just been busy and tackle both or ... damn. Option four is out - I don't have any new computer games to play while "considering things." :P

jay_petto [userpic]

A Strange Interlude

December 17th, 2010 (07:50 am)

current mood: energetic

I'd decided a while back that it's better if I don't say much about the projects I'm working on, partially because means I hear "Is it done?" less often, but also because it lets me get distracted and set a project aside to work on something else instead. (The post from earlier this week is an exception; I needed to think out loud so as to order my thoughts.) Therefore, I can't tell tell you why my maniacal laughter echoes throughout the house.

But please, join me in an evil laugh ....

You were expecting something else?

jay_petto [userpic]

And just to note

December 14th, 2010 (05:47 am)

current location: The Phantom Zone

I'm over what was probably the worst case of burnout I've ever had. It was bad enough that for several months I didn't fire up DAZ or write anything. Somewhere around September I started working on things again, but it wasn't until November that I posted anything new and it wasn't until tonight (this morning) that I had anything to post here.

So, if anyone is wondering where I was for a good bit of this year, the answer is "in my hidden lair, playing the first two Fallout games."

/my lawn, get off it

jay_petto [userpic]

Death by Possibilities

December 14th, 2010 (05:21 am)
current location: buried in the snow :P
current song: "Maybe," The Ink Spots

(That wouldn't be a bad title for a SF story, actually ....)

More rambling on my part, with the hope it'll help me figure out what I'm doing1:

There are times when, working on a story or comic, you see a beacon shining before you, illuminating the path to your destination. Problems are solved as soon as they arise, questions are answered before they are asked. You know exactly who these characters are, where the story is going and how to tell it.

And then there's the situation I'm in now - awash to to the scuppers (sorry - seen too many pirate movies) with options. Most of them have possibilities, but they don't all work together. It's the stage where I have to make a decisions about what will work best, or at least which paths I'll enjoy most. In short, it's time to murder some good ideas2 ....

So I had an idea for a story to fiddle with, one with more characters than I've written before, but with a fairly simple idea. The two problems were 1) how to get everyone in the same place and 2) the identity (or nature) of my villain. The last one is the main problem - solving it might give me the answer to the first question. Unfortunately, nobody showed up when I put out a "Help Wanted - must be able to warp reality" sign except for two fellows that were already attached to older ideas that I never got around to working on.

The first chap is one I'd dubbed the "5D Perv with the 3D Fetish." Cross Flatland, Mr Mxyztplk and a rather immature college kid and you've got a basic idea of his character (such as it is). This is the guy who just wants to play with toys - lovely three-dimensional toys - and is delighted . Think about anyone you know who has a flat/2D fetish and translate that someone from the fifth-dimension who just found out how to reach our world of only three dimensions ....

Contestant No.2 is "the Amoral Energy Being" from a Star Trek idea I had a couple of years back. (You couldn't swing a dead tribble back in Kirk's era without hitting an energy being or a highly evolved race whose tech was indistinguishable from magic). He's more laid back, above it all - until someone tries to phaser him repeatedly. Sure, it doesn't hurt him but it's damned annoying - like someone cracking their knuckles repeatedly while you're trying to concentrate. Toyifying ensues (maybe a few statues as well - the old stage set alien planet could use a little decoration to brighten the place up). I don't have as good a feel for Mr AEB as I do for the other guy - there's a tug of war between making him more the aloof chap doing this out of annoyance at being interrupted while trying to visualize the Cosmic All (plus maybe it'll teach a valuable lesson to this "humans") and having him be more enthusiastic about the whole thing like say, Trelane. The nuisance is that Trelane is more like the 5D guy (or vice-versa).

And while typing this, it occurred to me that's the hook for the AEB - he's trying to be highly evolved, cosmically aware and to demonstrate that he can observe the pants off Uatu (if Uatu wore pants, that is) and these primitive beings come along, invade his planet, demand his surrender, demonstrate their "power" by zapping an ancient pillar that really tied the stage set alien temple together, phaser him (it has no effect), phaser him again (in greater numbers) and ... blast! he'd almost foreseen whether John Saxon's Solar Converter would destroy the planet Akir - but the whole vision has slipped away now!3

"Of course you realize, this means war."

So it looks like the Amoral Energy Being wins this round. I'll just have to figure out how he'll go about the zapping. It can't be all at once - he'll have to pace himself so the fun and games last a bit. (Enough for say, a 10-15 page comic that doesn't turn into monster, knock wood.) I'll also have to deal with my general reluctance to play in other people's universes (dunno that using a setting that's close, but not exact, would work in this case).

Not all of the characters and transformations/Mind Controls from the original idea will fit into this, but I can always save them for something else - the 5D guy, the obligatory Christmas story/comic I've never written, etc.4 This another comic instead of a story (shhh! don't tell anyone, especially since I've yet to finish "Puff Piece"), but what the heck.

The setup I was just working with goes back into the files for possible use once I have a better grasp on what to do - or I change my mind and have to fight my evil (good?) duplicate while trapped in the corridor between universes. :P

1 A lost cause, perhaps, but one has hopes.

2 Well, actually most of them get thrown back into the random idea file for later mining.

3 And maybe they find and/or phaser the leftover porn stash from his old pre-energy being days ....

4 One of them would work very nicely if I ever got around to doing anything with "The Weird Girl," and the Toy Robot would be a natural for a Christmas story.

5 There is no 5

jay_petto [userpic]

Archeology Today

March 9th, 2010 (03:28 am)
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current mood: cheerful
current song: The Damned, "Dr. Jecklyll and Mr Hyde"

While looking for some notes in my writing directory, I ran across this dialog-only flash from last year and figured I'd post it.

Still can't find the notes I was looking for :P

Snidely Whiplash Moment

"I have you now, my pretty! Soon, you will be writhing in unimaginable ecstasy, as my Hypnotron assaults your mind with orgasm after orgasm!"

"You fiend, you'll never ... wait, what?"

"Yes, your will shall be broken by waves of pleasure until ..."



"It sounds great!"

"You can't say that."

"Why not?"

"You're the heroine and I'm the villain. And ... it really works better for me when you resist."

"Oh. Um, you'll never get away with it!"

"Ah, hah hah hah!"

jay_petto [userpic]


March 8th, 2010 (08:21 pm)

current mood: calm

I finally got around to joining deviantART. There's only one picture there now - an old marionette drawing that just got colored - but I'll probably upload new stuff as time goes by. The older stuff is going to stay in the Yahoo group (new pics will still be posted there, too).

Now if I can just find out why I can upload in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox - trying to assign the file to a category just results in me navigating to that section. :P

jay_petto [userpic]

Flash! (ah-ahhhhh)

March 3rd, 2010 (12:09 pm)
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current mood: calm
current song: Voltaire, "When You're Evil"

I wrote a flash story this morning. You can find it here at StuckPosing.

jay_petto [userpic]

Also, my spelling improves

February 27th, 2010 (07:22 am)

current mood: content

You know what really helps when your mood takes a nosedive in the bleak hours after midnight and there's no one to talk to? Empty a bottle of wine, read some comics# and then spend several hours writing puppet smut (or wind-up doll, as the case may be).

# Manara's Gullivera and Pinocchia by Gibrat and Leroi.

jay_petto [userpic]

We Need Total Concentration

February 26th, 2010 (10:18 pm)

current mood: energetic
current song: L7, "Pretend We're Dead"

I've been in a weird mood lately - lots of energy (mostly), dashing about between projects and unable to settle on one thing to work on (or even just a couple). Not counting some non-kink stuff (painting some Dark Legion figures), here's whats lying around (in no particular order):

1) Doing some renders for a playable version of the ESCAPE! board game used in the "GamePiece - Captured" picture. Fever Dreamer offered to make the game. The rules need to be finished (they were a bare-bones aid to allow the picture to make sense) and there are some renders to do for the actual pieces (possibly with a brief description of each).

2) There's a couple of other renders for that idea I keep intending to do. The main one has the not-yet-transformed figure from the original (Samantha, only she'll be full-sized) being "introduced" to the game by the two sisters who play it.

3) A couple of mind control/transformation pics for NorthernChill. Bonus: Mad scientist who sorta looks like Kevin Kline, only crazy.

4) A marionette pic set in a dinner theatre (also for Chill - one of those "character test render leads to story idea leads to full picture" situations).

5) Actual writing - that haunted house marionette story. I probably ought to check with Ecks before trying to tackle that one.

6) Another marionette story - this one involving a woman who "wakes up" to find out she's been a living marionette for some months. This one should be shorter, like my usual 2-3,000 word stories. (Wait - is it still a story if there isn't a real plot?)

7) "The Weird Girl" - An mind control idea that's been waiting for me to do it for the last 6 years (at least the original character sketch is from '04). I've never quite decided whether to do it as a comic or as a story (with an illustration or two). The former is the most likely, as there's stuff that'd be hard to do in a comic (the PoV character's impressions of the "Weird Girl," especially as the mental changes start). The biggest question that remains: bunny or rag doll?

And there are a few stray personal projects (it's relaxing to do the occasional render or story that isn't for posting)and "semi-requests" as well.

It's not actually at the "Too much pressure - boiler's gonna blow!" level, I just need to settle on something to concentrate on so I can use some of this energy. :)

jay_petto [userpic]

Musical Interlude

February 9th, 2010 (10:22 pm)

current mood: energetic
current song: The Jesters, "And the Band Played On"

I was looking for an old song to use in the story and ran across this. It's a later recording, but the song is from 1895 - perfect! :)

It's the chorus:

Casey would waltz with a strawberry blonde,
And the band played on.
He'd glide cross the floor with the girl he adored,
And the band played on.
But his brain was so loaded it nearly exploded,
The poor girl would shake with alarm.
He'd ne'er leave the girl with the strawberry curls,
And the band played on.

I feel an evil laugh coming on ....

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